Indoor Triathlon

The Logistics

Date: April 13th, 2019 - REGISTRATION BY April 5th
**There will be NO race day registration.**
Time: Various times for heats - Heats will start 30 mins apart starting at 7:00 am
Set time available. Will will add more times, if needed.
Cost: $30 per participant and includes a sweat towel, water bottle, post race refreshments, and chances to win prizes!

The details of the Triathlon

We are looking to kick off the triathlon season with a fun event for all athlete levels!! Swim, bike, and run. Why not give it a "TRI"

Swim for 10 minutes. - do as many laps as you are able in 10 minutes. Swimming, walking laps in the pool, doggie paddle, or any other way you want to get a lap in the pool.

Bike for 30 minutes - Biking will be done on our upright bikes and your distance will be recorded. What resistance on the bike you ask? This is a fun starter to the triathlon season... set that resistance to whatever you want!!

Run for 20 minutes - This will be done on our treadmill machines. There will be no incline, all we ask is that you go as far as you can go at your pace. You can run it or you can walk (or anything inbetween.) Distance is recorded.

Other Noteables

  • There will be a 10 minute transition period between the swim and bike and between the bike and the run.
  • Volunteers will be at each part of the race to assist as needed and to count your distances.
  • Your race number will be the number you sign up for.
  • **The race is limited to 30 participants, so sign up today!**
  • For more information call 763-682-4300 or stop by the front desk in Buffalo!